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“以人为本、安全第一、环保优先”---我们坚持企业、环境、安全、经济和社会和谐发展的经营理念,致力于建设为安全型、环境友好型科技企业。在公司成立之初,我们就倡导绿色化学和三废减排。为此建立了大容量的公用工程和三废处理设施,如工业废水处理系统,高浓缩液体及固废和气废焚烧中心,高盐废水预处理系统(MVR) 。我们将努力建设安全生产长效机制,建立安全管控体系,打造本质安全,不断加大安全投入,努力消除安全隐患,确保企业持续、健康、平稳运行。

 ‘People orientation, Safety and Environmental protection first’ — we adhere to harmonious development between environment, safety, economy and society, and endeavors to build itself into a safe and environmentally-friendly technical enterprise.

We exercise green chemistry principles and focus on waste minimization at the beginning of the BZBD establishment. So we established large capacity utilities and waste treatment facilities. Such as Wastewater Treatment system, Incinerators for high concentrated solvents/solid wastes and gas, Pre-treatment system to high salty wastewater, and so on. We will strive to build a long-term EHS mechanism, establish safety control system and increase financial input so as eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure sustainable, sound and stable development of the company.